Your First Google Search Ad Campaign [With Pictures]

Google ads can be really beneficial if used wisely with proper research for your business in the long term. 

Rather than expecting results right away, like Facebook ads, google ads take time to mature and help us give keywords that are converting better.

For B2B business and local business, google ads can be really beneficial, as people usually search for such business nearby.

As your potential leads are already looking for you and you are looking for them, you are meeting them halfway without even forcing them to look at your ad.

Let’s create our first campaign for your business.

Things to take care of before you start a campaign.

  • Learn about the product you are selling

  • Put yourself into customer’s shoes and see what do you feel about product or service

  • Get keywords from your client as he knows the best of what customer is asking

Keyword Research

  • Researching keywords is a major part of making any campaign.
  • Before starting your own research, ask keywords from your client as they know their customer and product better, they might have the core keywords which can be the product name, service name, locality, any measurement specific keyword, or any famous person who relates directly.
  • After getting core keywords, research around them, start typing them in google, and see how google completes sentences. 
  • If you are in an informative niche, or your product is related to education, form informative questions around your keywords. With how, what, why, and so on.
  • If you are selling something, make keywords with buy, purchase, price, seller, and so on.
  • Here is a picture that can help you choose long-tail keywords.

Source: Youtube (


Decide Your Objective To Run Ads

  • It is very important to choose the objective of the campaign exactly as per your desired results, and if you require customizing everything, You can go with the campaign without any objective, in which case you can choose settings you would like while making the campaign.

  • When the Campaign objective is leads or sales, make sure your landing page is ready to go with your ad headlines or make a generic landing page that will work for any headline that you write.

  • I would not suggest running just a traffic campaign as it doesn’t really help directly in any way but warms up GTM to give us potential customers.


Let’s Make Our First Campaign


Open your Google account and click the “Campaigns” or “All Campaigns” term you see on the first page.


Click on New Campaign 

Next, You will be shown a screen to tell google what is your objective to run this campaign 

If you don’t need google to set any default settings for you and want to take control of everything, please select “ Create a campaign without a goal’s guidance ”.

For Now, I will be running a search campaign, and for that, I need to select accordingly.

After you have done this, you will be asked to enter some information regarding the results that you want to get from this campaign.


Enter details according to your goal. As I need more visitors I will select website visits.

Now You will be taken to set campaign settings.


TIP: Always name your campaigns according to variables used in them, such as any specific location, language, keyword group, Audience, etc so that you can identify and know what are settings for ads and ad groups inside just from the name.


Most generic template would be :[Brand Name] [Date] [Location] [Network]

Always Include DATE.

Make sure all parameters are right, as per the image.


I would recommend selecting only one network in one campaign to identify which headlines, descriptions work better for which one after you have run ads for 2 weeks at least.


Therefore, I unchecked the display network for this one.


Next Select “Show More Settings Below

Select your start and end date.

You can skip
Campaign URL options
Dynamic Search Ads setting
If this is your first campaign.

For the Ad schedule, you need to set this up only if you need to have a sales call for every lead that you get from ads, as you might not have anyone to call at midnight. 😀

I recommend that you run ads for at least 2 weeks.

Next, You need to set a Location for your ads to run

If you are a local service, you can select a particular area with a radius from “Location Options

Choose the language, and we would skip the audience part (Unless you have an audience from Google Tag Manager) as we are going to target based on keywords.


Next, Select Budget.

For this, you need to enter how much you are willing to spend daily.

Also, if you are just testing this campaign for the first time, I would like to recommend that you take control of how much you would like to pay per click, once you get some data and aware of which keywords are working fine, you can ask google to bid.

For that, you need to select “Or, select a bid strategy directly (not recommended)

Click on bid strategy and select “Manual CPC

Yes, Google will tell you that your performance might decrease, but as you are just testing out which keywords and headline combinations are working you might want to control how much you spend.


Next, click “Show More Settings

In a test Campaign when you are testing which headlines are working better it is recommended to choose this option as google will rotate all the combinations you have given.

You can ignore conversions if you are unfamiliar with GTM.


Ad Extensions are optional, and google has full control over whether to show them in ad or not.

Ad Extensions are small CTA text that you can click like Call Now Or Schedule Meet.

Click “Save And Continue

Next, You need to create Ad group and ads

As Campaign Name your Ag group as per keywords you have entered in them

Add Keywords, default bid.

Add At Least 2 -3 ad groups per campaign and 2 ads per group.

Click “Save And Continue

Next, Create Ads for Ad groups you have created.

Add at least 3 headlines and descriptions each.

TIP: If you wish to create some ads for all ad groups, just create them in One ad group, and later you can copy them into another Two.

Click “Done” for the ad.
Click” Save And Continue ” for the campaign


You have your first campaign ready.

As you can see Google is suggesting to have 3 ads and ad extensions. Which can make Great effects.

Click “Publish”. After review, google will send you an email when your ads are approved.

SEO is also the biggest part of making any campaign successful, you can read it in detail here

Thank you!


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