Making money on the internet is not that hard if you know where to look for your potential clients and have skills to prove you are worth it. 

Here I will be helping you with all you need to start making money with the internet and the right skills.

1.Make a list of skills


It is way easier to make a list of all the things you can do JUST by having the internet than you think.

List out all of those tasks, even if it is just posting content on social media, or writing about any topic that is given, or helping someone build their website.

Because believe me, everyone on the internet is looking for help. And what might be an easy task for you can be time-consuming for someone else, and that’s how you get paid for it.

Find what is the market for that, how many people are looking for skills that you have, you can use Google trends or any keyword research tool to check if that skill is in demand or not.

When you find out that people are actually looking for help in your niche, look for what additional skills they are asking for, pay attention to what software or websites they prefer and how much they are willing to pay for it.

If you do not know the software they are talking about, start learning, you don’t need to wait till you get an expert in it. You just need to start. Along the way, you’ll make progress and learn better with real-life scenarios.

2. Make a strong portfolio


You need to prepare a document to showcase that you actually know the work.

Just by telling them that you know how to do certain tasks, might not help in getting their trust.

Prepare a portfolio and include,

Your skills explained in seep

Your knowledge of software regarding that skill

Your previous wins

Your case studies

Include how did you research before starting work, how did it get results in such a short time or just with a small amount.

Include all the case studies that you performed with maybe your business or your friend’s business

Do not feel shy to ask that if you can apply your skills to your friends business, everyone starts small, and believe me, they will think that you are an expert in this at the end of the day

3. Get a Testimonial


how will you get case studies? You need to ask for help from your friends and family.

Ask if they will let you experiment with their business, or just say you would like to help them with skills that you have and it can bring these results. Friends and family are most likely to help you out with this. 

And if it does wonders to their client base, ask for a testimonial to add that to your portfolio

Also please do not forget to take their permission to showcase your work with their business on public social platforms

Also, announce on public platforms that you have these skills and you are open to work, and here is how they can contact you.

Show your work on social media. Optimize your profiles according to that

Start telling all of your network that you are willing to give 7 day or 14 days free trial (whichever you feel is enough to show your results)


You can also tell that you are willing to work in return for a testimonial

4. Research your client’s problems


Now that you have some experience of working for friends and family, you might have a good idea about what issues they were facing before you started to help them.

Use that to get more clients who will pay you.

You are most likely to find a Facebook group for the skills that you know.

Join them and start answering questions, start answering the problems they are facing.

DO NOT ask for money straight away, don’t feel like you are too desperate to get money from him/her.

Genuinely help them, show concerns about their business and show how you can help them.

If they are facing an issue that is going to take just an hour to fix for you. Do it for free.

It helps in building trust factor, and next time they are directly going to come to you and give you work at your rates.


5.Pitch your services


Now you have,

  •  Skills
  • Portfolio
  • Testimonials
  • Results
  • The solution to their problems

It’s time to pitch your services.

Make a good pdf document, stating at what rates you work and what are the services you are doing to do in each package.

Make it detailed, with what you will do in that package and what you won’t.

As it will be very difficult later to say no to a client who trusts you for extra work with the same amount of money.

So make I will do, and I won’t clear before starting

Do not lower your rates. No matter what the client is saying, do not lower your rates. If they are looking for premium services, they need to pay a premium

You can decrease the services included in that package and lower the rate. So that they can afford you and you won’t be doing the same tasks in less money.

Values your client’s time and money. And don’t sell cheap.

Always put client satisfaction first. The money will always come your way without even asking.

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